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  • Natural and environmental products
  • Economical cheap cost concentrated products
  • A product obtained as a result of Arge studies
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Aware that the environment is the greatest legacy to be left to future generations for a better livable world;

We agree to continuously improve all our activities, to use natural resources effectively, to comply with laws and to prevent pollution, to recycle and to dispose of them by the most appropriate methods.;

  • We take all measures to prevent environmental pollution
  • In our activities, we prioritize and apply technologies that are compatible with the environment in continuous development.
  • To comply with environmental laws and administrative regulations and other environmental protection requirements related to our activities,
  • By cooperating with our suppliers and customers, we contribute to increasing their sensitivity to the environment.
  • To identify the effects of our work/projects on the environment and to take all measures to minimize the negative effects,
  • To use the necessary energy and natural resources in the most efficient way; to take all necessary measures to prevent waste,
  • To keep the wastes that occur at the end of our projects under control; to take the necessary measures to prevent pollution of air, water and soil; to prioritize the use of energy sources friendly with nature
As BIODENGE environmental technologies, we aim to surpass ourselves as the better of the good with our professional management approach.
biodenge environmental technologies
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