Biobalance Lake

Ponds for ornamental pools deodorizing clarifying algae-preventing liquid microorganisms

Biobalance Lake
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Biobalance Lake
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In the lake and pond, there is an increase in the presence of plants as a result of the proliferation of nutrients for various reasons. Algae, called algae, cover the surface of the water, preventing sunlight from reaching the lower layers. This causes plants at the bottom to be unable to photosynthesize and oxygen to decrease. It also uses oxygen in the environment to decompose organic matter(dead algae, plants, fish, etc.). During this decomposition, bad gases such as H2S are formed while gases such as CH2 and CO2 are released, causing water quality to deteriorate. It is an effective product in reducing and eliminating organic waste sediments , toxic ammonia concentrations, and the proliferation of algae, it does not harm grasses and greens such as kelp breaking (chemicals). It has also been observed that they benefit more from the application of fertilizer and increase the vitality of the grass in golf course applications during watering of the greens with irrigation water. It does not affect living life, but rather supports the development of natural flora. Fish in ornamental pools, living things, plants, are provided to have a more vivid appearance. Reduces suspended solids in water layers, destroys harmful factors such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide by ingesting temporary Organics, improves water clarity and quality.

Benefits Of Biobalance Lake

  • Maintenance costs are reduced.
  • Extends the life of filtering systems. Algae formation is prevented. Blockages caused by algae and algae are removed.
  • Improves water quality decomposes organic sludge by reducing the need for water change. In lakes and ponds it destroys the unwanted harmful mud layer at the base over time.
  • Reduces ammonia levels stops algae growth prevents brown blood disease, Botany prevents bad smell in lakes, streams and ponds.
  • The oxygen level is balanced for the fish to breathe freely.
  • Bod/COD / TSS levels drop.
  • Lowers hydrogen sulfate formation
  • It reduces floating clumps of dead plankton, stabilizes flowering conditions and prevents excessive algae flowering.

Because of the growth rate of fish farms, increased production is achieved, improving the rate of fattening conversion. The weight of the product increases. Shortens the time the product is taken to market.

It represses the amount of coliform, vibrio, aeromanas, destroying all kinds of fungi and pathogens in the lake.

In fish farms, the amount of defective condiments is reduced and animal immunity is increased. raises survival rate

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