Biobalance Odor

Liquid microorganisms neutralizing disturbing odors

Biobalance Odor
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Biobalance Odor
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Innovative of environmentally friendly active microorganisms and beneficial enzymes, Super-catalyst co-enzymes and co-factors

Combination. Ammonia, hydrogen sulfide,amines, mercaptans and a wide variety of VOCs (organic volatile compounds))

it is effective on smells of organic origin such as. It is composed of fat,protein,carbohydrates and cellulose that cause bad smell

it digests residual materials, works on the gas and substrate, and takes effect in minutes.

Waste water treatment plants, promotion stations sludge decomposition and dewatering units, city canals, domestic solid waste storage

fields,garbage trucks,garbage rooms, garbage containers.

Biochemical reaction with odor-producing molecules to break down the moment they come into contact with volatile organic compounds

it starts and turns it into an odorless , non-toxic substance that can blend into nature.It doesn't mask the smell, seri. somehow

it accelerates the complete decomposition of olfactory components in the oxidized state.

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Appearance: Fuzzy Fluid

Density: 1.1

Fragrance: Medium

Color: Brown

PH value in Saturated Solution: 5 -7

Packages of 1 lt / 5 lt / 20 lt can also be stocked at +4 +40 degrees ambient temperature for 2 years without exposure to humidity and direct sunlight.

It does not have any negative effect in terms of human and environmental health. Wash hands and eyes with plenty of water in case of eye contact.

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