Cleaning Of Oily Duct (Expense)
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Cleaning Of Oily Duct (Expense)

Blockages occur in the expense pipes of businesses for different reasons.

Major causes of congestion;

  • Inorganic causes such as cloth, Cologne wipes, hair, hair, wool, etc.
  • Calcification, lubrication
  • Leftovers sent to the kitchen drain cause the drain to retain oil,
  • Pouring waste frying oils into the kitchen drain causes lubrication in the pipe,
  • Due to the washing and dishwasher that is connected to the kitchen expense, washing feathers can be listed as causing congestion due to the leftovers from the dishwasher or the sink.

Depending on these reasons, biological activities that threaten human health (odor, pathogenic bacteria activity) and blockages that affect our daily lives will begin. Expenses in a business waste water use area is divided into two. The kitchen is the Clean part of the expense. The bathroom and toilet are the dirty part of the drain. The lavatory expenses, which are thick in diameter and which we call 100'lük, and the lavatory and kitchen expenses, which are half of the toilet expenses, which are called 50'lük. All expenses may be blocked due to the above mentioned objects. But when the kitchen pipe is extremely clogged, it becomes very, very difficult to open. What clogs this pipe and causes it to open Hard is lubrication. With today's technology, it is of course possible to easily open the expenses that are blocked in this way..

Our company troubles this kind of BIO balance environmental technologies

  • Biological methods (bacteria that are not harmful to human health)
  • Chemical methods (nature-soluble chemicals) - mechanical methods (machines designed to open channels and pressure washing machine with 120 bar pressure working with special washing head)

By means of disposal.


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