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Oil Duct (Hood) Cleaning

Hoods & oil canal cleaning hoods and hoods located on the stoves(grill,juicy food,frying ...etc.) used for cooking procedures in the kitchens of hotels, restaurants, social facilities, cafes, refectory and catering companies

HOOD & FAT Channel cleaning, hotel, restaurant, Social Club, cafes, cafeteria, and catering procedures of furnaces that are used for cooking in the kitchen(grill,stew,roast, etc.) on the hood of the lipid layer of the walls of the channel and connected to the hood cleaning and sanitation process.

Why Is It Necessary ?

Fish and meat cooked on grills, especially when using solid fuel, form high volumes of oil vapor.When steam comes into contact with the metal surface it creates a dry but sticky surface.Over time,relatively heavier products such as ash, unburned carbon, etc.which are suitable for burning accumulate on this layer.In systems that are not cleaned regularly ,oil, ash and soot accumulation can cause excessive accumulation, especially in horizontal channels.


Oily Canal Cleaning


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