Ventilation Ducts Cleaning
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Ventilation Ducts Cleaning

Some workplaces are unable to use the system due to pollution in the ventilation ducts or close the air-blowing culverts. The ventilation ducts built with a serious investment are not in use because of this reason or the lack of fresh air due to the pollu

Some workplaces are unable to use the system due to pollution in the ventilation ducts or close the air-blowing culverts. The ventilation ducts built with a serious investment are not in use because of this reason or the lack of fresh air due to the pollution in the canal reduces the working efficiency of the people working in the internal environment.

Tuesday Monday afternoon, especially in people who work in such buildings, fatigue, tiredness, headache, such symptoms are observed. It is not because people leave the holiday and start work, but because they are not able to get enough fresh air on the work day following the weekend breathing fresh air. People who are allergic are more affected by this condition, especially those who are triggered allergies. In addition to the loss of labour caused by this situation, pollution in the channel causes the amount of energy used to increase between 10% and 20%. Legionella bacteria, which is the cause of Legionnaires ' disease, whose notification is determined as a compulsory disease by the annex Circular No. 2001-34 issued by the Ministry of Health in 01-05-2001, is especially detected in the ventilation ducts of the accommodation facilities. In case of detection of this bacterium in the circular, it is requested that the ventilation system be stopped immediately. The reason for this request is that in the dust layer formed in the channel, the necessary precautions are taken without allowing the bacteria to prepare the appropriate ground for the spread. However, by cleaning the canal, this bacterium's habitat and ability to spread are destroyed.

Hospitals, especially operating theatres and intensive care units are among the places where hygiene should be most intensive. It is not difficult to predict what a bacterium can cause where the body has the lowest resistance. This type of event, which may occur especially in the operating rooms and intensive care unit, results in the loss of the patient.

The causes of the cases identified as hospital infection have not been fully identified in our country. Using only Hepa filters and periodic maintenance of these filters is not sufficient for 100% hygiene.

Why Ventilation Duct Cleaning ?

In principle, fresh air is taken from the outside environment in ventilation systems. Dust in the external environment fills the channel. For this reason, there may be little to no air circulation in the contaminated air ducts of the building system you have found over time. Air, dust, dirt, exhaust fumes etc. as a result of other harmful factors such as puddling in the ventilation ducts and this naturally causes various diseases. People living in the building or the workplace, employees, customers, the air that is transported from the dirty air ducts to the interior environment, is taken by breathing begins to experience a number of health problems. The troubles don't just end with health problems. The dirty layer within the channels causes the energy consumption to increase, the machines working in the system to deteriorate over time, thus causing material losses.

During the construction phase of these canals, usually buildings are under construction. For this reason, even if the ventilation duct is newly constructed, the dust that forms on the site settles into the duct. These powders spread to the entire system simultaneously with the start of the channel. For this reason, even if the ventilation duct is newly installed, it must be cleaned. In the local area where the building is located, the degree of dust of the external environment determines the period of contamination of the channel. After the construction of the cleaned channels will consist of dust from the external environment, the pollution should be cleaned within the channel every 5 years on average. Depending on the degree of dust in this external environment may descend to 3 years, may rise to 8 years.

cleaning with Robot

"6 to 1 of the people affected by allergies are affected by direct association with fungi and bacteria within the air duct system."- Total Health magazine compared to a clean and smooth surface, dirt and dust particles are more easily and more accumulated on a surface that has started to become polluted and has increased roughness.Damp dirt that adheres to the metallic surface,mold and fungi that reproduce in dust lumps also prepare the ground for moisture retention, starting corrosion or accelerating corrosion. Material problems caused by corrosion cause the life of the air duct to be shortened. Therefore, cleaning of air ducts should be done within certain periods. Monitoring and cleaning are performed according to the following procedures.

tracking and image retrieval

Before cleaning, the inspection robot is inserted into the ventilation ducts using an existing cleaning cover or through a culvert entrance and plastic balloons are used to close the culvert. This robot has two cameras,one in front of it and the other behind it. The research robot is small and has a cross-section of 200*120 mm. in any Rectangular channel, larger than 250 mm. it can move back and forth in any round channel greater than in diameter. It is possible to obtain the most appropriate image with the light setting of halogen lamps on the robot. With the research robot,we can see incorrectly manufactured and installed, corroded and contaminated areas and record them on video through the cameras on the Robot . In-Channel control with the research robot is very useful during the commissioning of a newly installed system.B is for the Prevention of pollution.

Separation Of Channel Sections To Be Cleared

The cleaning robots are about 20 m. it is routed by cable. Hence 100 mm to 2000 mm. in between are separated the area to be cleared with the help of balloons. In this area, dust and dirt are removed from the canal surface by mechanical brushing of the robots that are fitted with suitable brushes. With the help of vacuum motors, the heavily polluted air is taken from this part and passed through the special HEPA filter suction device.

final cleaning with the help of Jet nozzle

The final pollution caused by the dust particles that shield them due to flying within the channel is removed from the environment with the help of a private jet nozzle that spews pressurized nitrogen gas and the cleaning process of the channel is completed.

Air Conditioning Plant and Serpentine cleaning

Also 1 mm formed on the surface of serpentines.the dirt layer reduces heat transfer by approximately 10%, in other words, it increases the amount of energy that must be spent to achieve the same thermal efficiency by 10%. This is important in terms of operating expenses.The pollution that prevents heat transfer by adhering to the Serpentine surface, causing energy waste, is also cleaned using special solvent chemicals. The chemical cleaners used for this purpose are sprayed on the Serpentine surface with the help of pressurized water.

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